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Lady T
03-30-2016 2:06:12 AM CST
Nice products good luck on your entrepreneur endeavor lady!

08-30-2015 8:04:42 PM CST
Love your products!

03-31-2015 11:14:35 PM CST
Beautiful products made by a Beautiful spirited women. I will spread the word about your beautiful products for the skin. Keep making those products sista!!!!

01-21-2015 12:55:20 AM CST

Hey Ena!! Love your Website!!! Are you on Twitter? Inbox me on Facebook! Timika Meek McDowell! #MuchLove Miss Ya!

Jessie R
01-03-2015 12:20:14 AM CST
Amazing products! I will continue to buy!

11-04-2014 11:03:59 PM CST
Love your products Lady

08-08-2014 2:37:52 AM CST
Love your products E

Darrell NC
08-02-2014 6:36:53 AM CST
Sean Paul and Issey Miyake shae butter and oil's are off the chain.

04-24-2014 11:54:51 AM CST
Ena,I have been a believer and faithful patron of your products since 2003 and will continue to support you, as I believe in your products. My skin has an amazing glow and my man says my skin feels silky, and I say, "thank Ena!!" The Shea Butter and Sugar Scrub are my faves in the "Lick Me All Over" and "WP" scents. I am so proud of you and always knew that you would be successful. Love you girl!!!!

04-12-2014 8:26:16 PM CST
Honey Almond scented shea butter is amazing

09-17-2013 1:08:14 PM CST
Do u hav anything w/ t/ scent of light blue ?

08-06-2013 7:16:22 AM CST
Beautiful products made by a beautiful spirited lady

Happy Customer
11-08-2012 1:43:15 PM CST
Amazing Products lady!!!

11-03-2012 1:40:22 AM CST

Ok, so this black coconut is amazing. I have a cold and I can smell the lovely scent. I definitely love how the butter moisturizes my skin. It is Winter and I do not want to be ashy. Thank you !!!

10-22-2011 1:32:47 PM CST
Beautiful natural products made by a beautiful lady!!!

11-24-2010 11:03:52 AM CST
Love your products E'na

09-11-2010 1:16:52 PM CST
Lmao made allll the ladies want to lick me all over! this product is the best. My girl said my skin feels very soft and she loves the LMAO scent. Thanks NEK Essentials you are the best!

07-19-2010 7:43:42 AM CST
Best Wishes on your business - wonderful products!

03-08-2010 1:04:41 AM CST
love your products girl!

11-21-2009 2:04:25 PM CST
Hi Ms E'na! your product are wonderful my family and I just loved everything you made for us. Best Wishes as your business grows.

11-01-2009 2:34:21 PM CST
love your products

09-17-2009 10:04:41 AM CST
love your products

07-25-2009 12:22:41 PM CST
love your products E'na!

ms. Ann
06-23-2009 11:34:16 PM CST
Good Luck with your business sweetie!

06-07-2009 1:05:56 AM CST
Love your product 100% natural I really like that.

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