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Jill   jill@jewelsbyjill.com
04-19-2007 04:40:39 pm CDT

Nek body essentials is one of the best products I have tried. Keep up the good work Ena.

04-18-2007 08:10:22 pm CDT

i jus absolutely love your product Baby Jasmine. The Green Tea is also lovely ;-!!

04-18-2007 06:29:13 am CDT
I just love your Green Tea Shea Butter it is absolutely wonderful- Your product are nice just like Carol's Daughter. Best Wishes

04-17-2007 03:00:23 pm CDT
Hi sweetie...Look at you Ms. Thang!!!! I am so proud of you and I know the trials you've gone through, but without out struggle, when can't appreciate the triumph. You are about to embark upon a successful EMPIRE.. Keep soaring for the stars sweets, because you will see there's one with your name on it...Love you girl...

Joe Drake   joed2g@yahoo.com
04-17-2007 07:18:34 am CDT

Rock 'n Roll my beautiful cuzzin'! You doin' it BIG!! Love ya! Much SUCCESS!!!!! where is my order j/k- smooches

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