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03-3-2008 09:02:23 pm CST
I Love your products they are wonderful!

sonya palmer
02-28-2008 03:56:48 pm CST
could you please send me a list of your products and product price list of whole sale price list

02-24-2008 04:51:30 pm CST
Your shea butter is wonderful and melts right into your skin when you put it on. I love it and would recommend to anyone! Best Wishes Always as your business grows!

02-7-2008 12:58:37 pm CST

Thank you for coming to the vendor show at IHG. I Love your products I get a lot of comments on the scents. I will be placing another order soon.

01-27-2008 11:47:59 am CST
I Love your products they are great and affordable. I would recommend to anyone. Good Luck on your business!

01-14-2008 09:51:05 am CST
Many Blessing on your business girl!

01-7-2008 10:52:19 pm CST
I just love your products they are wonderful and affordable. They also smell great and make your skin feel good!

12-15-2007 12:13:54 am CST
My friend let me try nek body products.These products are cool and for anybody no matter what ethnic background you are. I give it two thumbs up!!! Good Luck on your Biz

Mrs.Mary - Atlanta, GA
12-15-2007 12:09:32 am CST
Wonderful products by a beautiful young lady! I would recommend your products to anyone. God Bless!

Mrs. J
12-7-2007 08:32:22 am CST
I just love your products and I would recommend them to anyone. I like them because they are natural and you add that special spice to make them stand above the rest! Many Blessing Ms.E'

Pam -Atlanta
11-30-2007 11:07:54 pm CST
My friend had purchased one of your shea butter and I just love the scent - I will purchase from you soon.

11-20-2007 05:17:08 pm CST
Hey I love your peach Shea Butter!!!! It makes the skin feel so soft without leaving a greasy feeling!!!!!!! It's also very fragrent without being overbearing!!! That is definately whats up!!!!

11-20-2007 09:16:35 am CST
I love your shea butter, including the variety of scents for all kinds of folks, the duration of the scent, and the soft feeling it leaves on your skin!!

Brigette- Indianapolis
11-16-2007 08:29:28 pm CST
Lemon-Lime NEK Foot soak is great! It makes your feet feel refresh and It smells great! I like the shea butter too.

11-16-2007 08:27:59 pm CST
I like the custom scented NEK foot soak. It has a nice fragrance and it made my feet feel really smooth.

11-16-2007 08:26:45 pm CST
I enjoy the way it make my skin feel. Its very soft and silky to the touch. I recommend Grapefruit with tree tea to anyone -NEK BODY ESSENTIALS is the best.

Ms. Carolyn
11-14-2007 05:46:22 pm CST
I Love your products you have such a variety of body products to choose from.

11-8-2007 10:57:49 pm CST
Hey Girl! I love your website it is great. I will order soon.

11-7-2007 10:53:11 pm CST
Wow your site looks nice E and ordering is easy. I will order soon best wishes as your business grows.

11-7-2007 08:06:43 pm CST
E- Your products are awesome! You need to add a 'couples basket' at the site to keep love alive at the house. When your business blows up, remember family gets a discount :O) Blessings to you as you continue to live your dreams!

Lisa Atlanta
11-7-2007 08:01:13 pm CST
Your Grapefruit Shea Butter is so wonderful!

Tif- Indianapolis
11-7-2007 07:58:51 pm CST
I Love your shea Butter!

K -Chicago
11-6-2007 04:34:22 am CST
Girl your products are the bomb! Much Success as your business grows-Bring your products to Chi-Town you would do good here. I will let people know about NEK BODY ESSENTIALS. Peace

10-28-2007 08:15:26 pm CDT
I love your products they are so wonderful and you smell good all day. Best Wishes!

10-12-2007 12:38:41 pm CDT
Hi Ena! I purchase some products from you and I absolutely love them. I didnt know you had a website - I will order from you soon-Take Care and I know your business will grow!

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